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Founded by Sheila Harris-Fitzpatrick and Roderick Fitzpatrick (deceased), a married couple who are both counselors, our goal when creating this practice was to offer the best counseling advice, resources and tools to empower individuals in relationships to thrive. 

We offer individual counseling to empower you to thrive in relationships with family, friends, coworkers, lovers.  Also we give workshops virtual and in person to those who feel the need for more intensive focus.

Seeing a therapist or coach is an investment of money and time.  You will work with experts to get the best results that transforms the way you are in all types of relationships. 

We are relationship experts.  Our therapists have advanced training in the field of relationship counseling and specialize in helping individuals and couples improve their relationships.

We are different.  We are not the kind of therapists that just sit back and listen.  We believe in assessments to determine strength and weakness from each individual’s perspective, direct feedback, and then we work with you to chart out a plan to transform and change what is happening in your relationships quickly and effectively.

Therapy is not one-dimensional.  It’s important to have someone that can quickly assess your needs, identify the barriers and empower the struggles with skill and solutions.  Our experts will communicate in a way that makes you feel connected and comfortable.



We gather details about you as an individual and the relationships you are in.  We discuss the history of those challenges and look for patterns in the interactions.  We will help you identify and understand those patterns and then work with you to change those patterns.

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