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Family Counseling

Does your family have difficulty communicating? Do you feel like your parents or children don’t listen to you? Have family secrets and traumas prevented you from being closer to your siblings or even other family members? Do old arguments keep surfacing every time you’re together?

Constant fighting or disconnect can cause stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. It is important for a family to spend time together and have fun together. It is natural to have regular things going on within the family that may cause upsets. And it helps to have one of our mediators coming alongside your family to coach your family through trying times and empower you to respect each other and thrive happily together.

Learn skills to….

  • Communicate and negotiate through disagreements

  • Make important family decisions

  • Handle financial struggles and stressors

  • Support each other through grief and loss

  • Gain support and balance through chronic illness and aging parents

  • Find empowering strategies for behavioral or academic concerns regarding children

  • Build independence in adult children

  • Set boundaries with troubled teens or substance abused in family

  • Resolve sibling conflict

  • Resolve resentment and anger from early childhood


Whatever the reasons for your family strain, we can help!

Relationship Counseling & Psychotherapy Services will help your family come together, work with collaboration on issues that are causing family stress.  We will help you identify and better understand one another, identify patterns of communication that continue to cause conflict and learn skills to achieve a more effective outcome.  Healthier communication and boundaries will result in decreased family tension and stress.

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