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Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety affect your emotions, your physical wellness, and the quality of your life and relationships. Here are just a few ways stress can affect you: relationship problems, intimacy difficulties, depression, anxiety, heart attacks, stroke, panic attacks, high blood pressure, and immune system disturbances. Even common colds last longer when we are stressed!

Do you have panic attacks?  Do you excessively worry, feel guilty, nervous or edgy?  Do find it hard to concentrate which has reduced work efficiency, increased frustration, irritability and nervousness?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and performance has decreased?  Are you having frequent headaches or unexplained physical pains?

Learn to…

  • Use CBT skills to sharpen thinking and concentration

  • Apply solution-focused skills to improve decision making

  • Prioritize tasks including other people’s requests

  • Embrace setting healthy boundaries

  • Have more peace of mind and ease

  • Improve relationships and communication through authentic conversations

  • Improved mood – happier and becoming more easy-going

  • Improved sleep


Our specialized counselors will empower you to apply techniques and strategies to reduce the stress & anxiety in your life while maintaining and improving your productivity, health, peace of mind and joyfulness.


At Relationship Counseling & Psychotherapy Services, we can help you reduce and release your stress – and are looking forward to helping you find the ease, good health, and happiness you deserve.

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