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I am Tammi C. Walker, MSW is a Therapist/Life Coach as well as a Social Worker and I will guide you one on one with my personal success and professional expertise to find hope and joy, no matter the challenge. Contact me today and begin your life anew.

Life is full of amazing opportunity and exciting adventures and there is no end to the dreams and ambitions that we can achieve. But sometimes, life can bring challenges that seem overwhelming and paralyzing. Those inspiring and motivating dreams can be derailed, slowed and often even forgotten.

I know how to help you regain your spirit and motivation. I know how hard those challenges can be, I have been there, too. I want you to know, there is hope. No matter the loss or tragedy you have faced, I have the techniques, tools, resources and support for you to realign yourself with the passion and drive that still resides within you. I can show you how to take the obstacles in life and become stronger, more passionate and more successful.

I believe all life success begins with great health and a clear mind. I utilize techniques that engage both the body and mind. I will help you to achieve and maintain great health and ambition through exercise, meditation, journaling, essential oils, juicing, goal setting and more. I work with you to find the best tools that fit your lifestyle and work hard to continue my education so you have the most current resources available.

Good day! I'm Anthony J. Hughes, licensed clinical therapist (LCPC). I began my study at John A. Logan College and Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), with focus on disorders of psychosis and personality. I returned to SIUC to specialize in Rehabilitation Counseling with mental health and medical aspects focus. 


I’m very passionate about empowering you with healthy tools for those that struggle with substance abuse, co-occurring illness, cognitive or mood disturbance, psychosocial barriers, and medical challenges, and life transitional issues.

I’m excited to work with adults and teenagers with combined behavioral and emotional challenges including depression, bipolar mood, personality and behavioral challenges, specifically when these damage self-esteem and the ability to effectively navigate family relationships.


It is my belief that the professional therapy relationship can be life-changing! You can expect a fulfilling experience from working with me, in that I believe that a great client-therapist relationship is essential to the healing process. Trust, candidness, positive energy, and willingness to explore the meaning of behaviors, feelings and thoughts make up this therapeutic alliance. 


I’m eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery with you; the benefits will include building on your capacity for resolving conflict and expressing self- and other-directed love. Bringing forth your most genuine and effective self will build on your resilience to the struggles of frustration, loss and despair. Deeper exploration and work to be your best self might lead to the rewards of a purpose-driven life…sharpening your sense of personal identity, therefore transforming your connection to the world!


On a personal note, I have endured many hardships that connect me with my clients’ struggles. Born to parents from distant places and raised in a community dissimilar to my family unit, I experienced culture shock and bullying from “the word go”. More recently, I have been through the trials of grief from loss, divorce, relocation and changing employment. These tough times have educated and enhanced my personal development and empowered my therapeutic approach.


I understand, relate, sympathize and would love to help you uncover the hidden wisdom in your similar circumstances!


Naperville Office

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