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Temperament Survey - The Influencer


Tendencies include:
  • Optimism

  • Enthusiasm

  • Being personable

  • Making a good impression

  • Being verbally articulate

  • A desire to help others

  • Creating an entertaining climate


  • Basic motivation: recognition and approval

  • Best environment: friendly atmosphere, freedom from control and detail, opportunity to influence others

  • Accepts: involvement with others

  • Rejects: isolation

  • Behaviour under tension: attacks

  • Would benefit from: pausing

The ideal environment includes:
  • A friendly atmosphere

  • Freedom from control and details

  • Opportunity to influence others

  • Public recognition of ability

  • Opportunity to verbalise

  • Positive reinforcement and praise

  • Enthusiastic responses to ideas


Tendencies may include:
  • Lack of follow-through

  • Over-selling

  • Over-estimating anticipated results

  • Misjudging capabilities

  • Talking too much

  • Acting impulsively

  • Jumping to conclusions

  • Over-committing

Need others to provide:
  • Follow-through on detail

  • A logical approach

  • Concentration on the task

Life development areas:
  • Better control of time

  • Objectivity in decision making

  • Pausing before acting

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