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Therapist Biography

Marianne Ogbonnaya

Personal Statement

We all struggle and have different challenges that we may face in our daily lives. Whether you may struggle from depression, anxiety, or whatever else life may have thrown your way I want to help support you. My passion is working with individuals from all walks of life who are in need of a safe and supportive environment to navigate life's challenges. I believe that the best way to work and process through life's ups and downs is in a comfortable and supportive environment. I am here to help you grow and become your authentic self.

I believe that the best journey to growth is with a strong therapeutic relationship. My treatment approach is individualized and person-centered. I have experience working with adults living with mental health disorders and substance abuse, as well as individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

If you are struggling with some of the challenges that life has thrown your way, call or email me. Let’s work towards your growth and self-exploration together.

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